Carpet Cleaning

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Our unique patented cleaning system, commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other carpet cleaners!

XtraClean offers a unique, low moisture cleaning process using the patented “Trinity Carpet Renewal System”. Our carpet cleaning method provides a deep, thorough carpet cleaning and combined with our personal commitment to quality and customer service guarantees you a carpet cleaning experience unlike any you have experienced before.

If you are sick and tired of soggy wet carpets that take days to dry with spots and stains that keep coming back then XtraClean Carpet Cleaning is just what you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of the Trinity Renewal System include:

  • 100% Deep Cleaning
  • Carpets dry in 1 hour (not 1-2 days like other methods)
  • 100% Safe and Non-Toxic for Kids and Pets
  • Prevents stains from re-appearing
  • Leaves no dirt attracting residue
  • No open doors while cleaning
  • No hose damage to floors, walls, furnishings
  • No Musty Smell

Our system uses a environmentally friendly, pleasant smelling, kid & pet safe cleaner to gently clean your carpet. Our patented Trinity CM machine gently deep cleans your carpet, extracts dirt along with excess moisture and removes spots that other methods and cleaners leave behind. After cleaning, your carpet is left soft with no left behind residue to attract dirt and the spots don’t re-appear because of the low moisture and quick drying. You will be able to use your carpets the same day and they normally dry totally within 1 hour.

We provide great carpet cleaning and great customer service because that is WHO we are and what we enjoy. If you are looking for the cheapest cleaning you can get, we are not the company for you. Anyone can come into your home and half way clean your carpet, leave it soaking wet, musty smelling and looking dirtier the day after than before it was cleaned! Our cleaning experience is unlike any you have had before and leaves you with soft clean carpets that will stay clean longer.