Deck Cleaning, Staining & Restoration

Deck Power Washing

Deck Power Washing

XtraClean is The Choice for deck restoration and staining!

XtraClean is not your normal deck cleaning company.  We take great pride and satisfaction in our deck restoration projects.  We treat each project like it’s our own and use only the best commercial stains and cleaning products available. We protect your house, concrete, plants and surrounding areas, we stain your deck not your house.

Does your deck look like you just fished it out of the river?
Does it look gray, green from mold and mildew, dirty with nails popping, splinters, or rotten wood?

Don’t worry!

XtraClean’s professional wood restoration specialist can make it like new again!  You won’t believe what we can do to a deck and you will thoroughly enjoy sitting on your deck once again!

Why Does Your Deck Need Protecting?  One word explains it all! WEATHER! The wood on your deck, porch or walkway takes quite a beating every day.  Rain, snow and the sun can quickly destroy the looks and condition of your wood if not protected properly.  The varying temperature’s and the wet/dry cycles cause your wood to expand when it gets wet and shrink when it dries. Over time this causes cracks, warping, splitting, mold, mildew etc. The sun’s UV rays alone can damage the surface of your wood, causing it to turn gray very quickly. Protect your deck or porch by cleaning and staining with a high quality stainWe have many colors to choose from and its so much more economical than replacing rotten, warped boards.



After XtraClean!


Our Process

1Inspection & Recomendations

The first step in a wood restoration project is to inspect and evaluate the project.  We will measure, check for rotten wood, evaluate existing stains and dirt levels to determine the best option for your project.  We will explain your options and the different stains that we can use.

2Cleaning and/or Stripping

Depending on the condition of your deck and whether is has an existing stain, the next step is to clean the deck if it has no existing stain or strip (remove) the existing stain if it is currently stained.  We will use commercial grade detergents and strippers that are earth friendly and safe to use.  After this process your deck will look like a new deck without the stain.

3Neutralization & Brightening

This is a critical step which many companies skip! Because many of the cleaners/strippers raise the the PH level of your wood, a neutralizer must be applied that lowers this PH level back to a neutral range. This step prepares the wood for staining, ensuring the stain performs as expected and also ensures that the stain will not fail prematurely.  It also brightens the wood and brings it back to a natural look. Failure to perform this step is the #1 reason deck stains fail prematurely.

4Drying Time

The wood must dry before we can apply the penetrating oil stain, if it is wet the stain will not penetrate into the wood like it should.  We will not stain a deck with the oil stain until it is dry, we check the moisture content of the wood with a moisture meter before applying any stain.  It can take anywhere from 2-4 days to dry properly depending on how much sun the deck receives, the deck height and other factors.

Many other companies give it a day to dry and stain away, this shortens the life of your stain and we will not do it. There are some water based stains which are the exception. They can be applied immediately after cleaning because they are designed to be applied to a damp surface and we use them in certain situations.

5Other Preparation

This can include setting nails, sanding handrails and completing any other repairs that may be requested.  We also at this point protect your house and plants to protect and prevent any damage.


At this point your deck is ready for the stain to be applied.  We apply the oil based stain in the color of your choice to the floor, railing, steps, face boards and outside support posts.  The stains we use are commercial quality and are resistant to mold, mildew, water and are of a higher quality than stains available in local home improvement stores.