Fence Power Washing


Fence Cleaning & Fence Staining

We Clean and Stain Your…

  • Playset
  • Gazebo
  • Picnic Table
  • Shed
  • Garage
  • Other Wooden Structures…

XtraClean also provides fence cleaning and staining. Staining a fence will prolong the life of the fence and and will look great for a long time. A fence stain lasts longer than a deck floor simply because it is all vertical surfaces and isn’t affected by weather as harshly or rapidly as the horizontal surfaces of a deck.

We clean and stain wooden privacy fences, picket fences, split rail, and many other types of fencing. A fence will gray and mold just like a deck it it is not properly cared for.

Call us today to schedule the beautification of your fence and improve your property’s curb appeal!