Safe House Washing

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Remove Mold, Mildew, Dirt & Other Environmental Contaminants From The Exterior Of Your Home

Our “SafeWash” house pressure washing is safe, low pressure house cleaning. This “SafeWash” method is the safest and smartest way to pressure wash your home and will not harm your siding, windows, screens or home in any way! We have been using this now popular method for over 11 years with excellent cleaning results and superior safety for our clients and their property.

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Our exterior “SafeWash” removes Mold, Mildew, Dirt & other environmental contaminants from the exterior of your home. We use a very specialized house cleaning mixture that includes a special citrus emulsifying detergent, a special rinsing additive and a hi-gloss enhancer. This special mix is environmentally safe and earth friendly. We don’t use any harsh caustic cleaners on your home which can cause dulling and other problems.

Don’t risk letting “Bubba”, slang for an inexperienced cleaner, pressure wash your house using nothing but bleach, water, and caustic cleaners. (The active ingredient in many of these caustic cleaners is actually a paint stripper!) This is actually a very common practice and can dull siding and create other problems. An inexperienced cleaner usually uses high pressure which can cause a variety of damage and other problems.

We have seen all the following problems and more caused by “Bubba”, the inexperienced pressure washer!

  • High Pressure streaks on your siding & they are hard to correct
  • Holes in siding or stucco
  • Extensive paint removal from house and/or gutters
  • Torn screens
  • Broken Windows
  • Plants killed – very common with inexperience

XtraClean’s experience and our “SafeWash” allows us to safely clean your home and make it sparkle without experiencing these problems.